Congresswoman Louise Slaughter supports GMO labeling

I contacted Congresswoman Louise Slaughter‘s staff about her position on GMOs and received this reply:

This is an important issue because it directly relates to our nation’s food supply and our overall food safety and the Congresswoman believes that American families should have confidence in the food they eat. She strongly believes in transparency on this issue.

The Congresswoman is well aware that more than 50 countries around the world, including even China and Russia, require that their food be labeled if it is genetically-engineered. To bring the United States up to the standards of many other nations around the world, Congresswoman Slaughter believes that the FDA should protect consumer rights and prevent consumer deception by requiring the labeling of these foods. To this end, Congresswoman Slaughter has written to the FDA supporting clear labeling and has taken further action by cosponsoring H.R. 3553, the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act, which would require genetically food to be clearly labeled.

She is a Democrat running in the new 25th district against Maggie Brooks.

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