Wegmans Organic Corn

Wegmans now has their brand organic (so GMO-free) canned corn (and peas) for 99 cents.  This is vs. $1.60 on sale at Lori’s.  It’s high in sodium, of course, but you can wash that off.  Unlike DNA and Bt toxins in every cell.

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5 Responses to Wegmans Organic Corn

  1. lori says:

    but organic doesnt necessarily mean non gmo i have learned recently..correct, so how do we know wegmans corn and peas are non gmo..?

    • tinako says:

      What is your source for believing that something can be organic but contain GMOs? Do you mean accidentally contaminated?

      • lori says:

        I read it someplace recently concering gmos, like how Kashi says they are organic BUT they use GMO in some of their products..only their products marked non gmo are actually that,,pretty suprising

      • lori says:

        If a food product is labeled 100% organic and is labeled with and USDA Organic seal, it must be completely free of genetically modified products by government regulations. On the other hand, foods that are labeled “Made with Organic Ingredients” or simply “Organic” are not as tightly regulated and can contain GMOs. To be sure your food is GMO-free, buy USDA certified 100% organic food.
        Sure makes a person even more confused BUT GMO foods must be labled !

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