Tip for writing to manufacturers

I’ve been writing to a lot of manufacturers to find out if their products are GMO-free.  These products of course are not marked, and if they reply at all they say that they don’t know (which means probably yes), and often they throw in the FDA’s official position that GMOs are fine.   As an aside, however, I had a pleasant surprise from Rice Select, which sells small jugs of rice at Wegman’s.  Though the package wasn’t marked, they had the non-GMO seal on their web site, and confirmed via email that all their rice is non-GMO from their own seed.  I wrote back to suggest they put this seal proudly on their packages.

But several friend have related their experiences writing to companies, and are irritated when the company writes back to argue why they think GMOs are fine.  Sometimes my friends get sucked into a scientific debate with their customer service rep.  But there’s no need to debate this!  You don’t need to convince manufacturers that GMOs are bad.  You only have to tell them that you aren’t going to buy them.

Global manufacturers already removed GMOs from European products due to consumer rejection.  If the GMOs are still in their products here, clearly thy didn’t have a change of heart, and they don’t need one here.  They can believe to the bottom of their souls that American consumers are a bunch of backwards anti-science idiots, but if we’re not buying their products they’ll change the ingredients to please us.

My standard answer is something like, “Thank you for your response.  I realize that GMOs are a controversial issue.  What is not controversial at all is that GMOs worry me, and my family and I will not be eating your product as long as it contains them.”

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