Wegmans: I Don’t Feel Good About GMOs

Wegman’s has introduced their own line of “Food You Feel Good About” meat analogues, such as Don’t Be Piggy sausage crumbles.  Great!!

Unfortunately they’re all GMO.

So, good news for people trying to eat less meat and happy to switch to something primarily composed of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Soy.

When I called to ask whether it was GMO, I expressed my disappointment with Wegman’s decision to make a product supposedly targeting healthy consumers but containing GMOs, and said I would have liked to buy it but would be unable to.

If this product line disappoints you, why not let Wegman’s know?  1-800-WEGMANS ext. 8500-4760 M-F 8-5

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4 Responses to Wegmans: I Don’t Feel Good About GMOs

  1. kaylie says:

    I emailed Wegmans about this issue, and let them know I was disappointed. I also encouraged Wegmans to be brave in the fight against GMOs. Below is the response I received. Thoughts?

    Hi Kaylie:

    Thank you for writing. I’m not sure where you got the information that the new line of Meatless Crumbles, Don’t have a Cow etc. were genetically modified. They are not. If you were given the wrong information by one of our employees, we apologize and would like to know who gave it to you so we can make sure they get the correct facts.

    Our supplier is Garden or Gardein Protein and they only use ‘identity-preserved’ soy protein (which basically means, it helps to ensure us that their soy protein is not genetically modified).

    We hope this information will be helpful. If I may be of further service to you in any way please let me know.


    Consumer Services Specialist

    • tinako says:

      Wow, thank you for double-checking. I will call again. I don’t have the name of the person, of course. She had said that any products not labeled organic would probably be GMO and they have no way of knowing for sure. I heard that line before when a store employee phoned customer relations on my behalf to ask about Wegman’s edamame when it came out. For that one, I followed up with an email to them about my disappointment and they didn’t deny it.

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  3. kaylie says:

    Well, it sort of looks ambiguous in her response to me… I don’t trust it! I basically don’t leave the two measly aisles of Nature’s Marketplace!

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