March Meeting Minutes

We discussed just a few items at our March meeting.

  1. I reported that after two requests, GMO-Free NY has not gotten back to me with the materials Mark and I need for approaching our representatives.
  2. I told them that I had just been to a Social Media seminar for my own business and learned that I really should be on Twitter, so perhaps so should we.  I asked if anyone was interested in doing that, but no takers.  I said I would ask around – perhaps there are people who can’t attend meetings who would like to take on this task.
  3. I will be tabling on Saturday for another organization, and will include some posters and business cards for GMO-Free.
  4. Devi asked whether we want to have bumper stickers made.  The cost is about $100 and we should be able to make that up selling them.  Ponying up the $100 was sort of a sticking point.  Magnets and window clings would be more likely to be put on cars, but they are more expensive.  Devi said Rosemary had a nice design.  We made no decision.
  5. Our next meeting will be April 10th.
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