NY Assembly Committee to vote on GMO Labeling Bill Monday June 3rd – Call Now!

We have received word that GMO labeling bill A3525 will be voted on by the Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection on Monday, June 3rd! I know it’s Friday night but PLEASE CALL AND LEAVE A VOICEMAIL for the 10 members of the committee who have not yet co-sponsored the bill and ask them to cosponsor and support it.  I did this and it took only 10 minutes.

Assemblymember Abbate: 518-455-3053
Assemblymember Buchwald: 518-455-5397
Assemblymember Camara: 518-455-5262
Assemblymember Gabryszak: 518-455-5921
Assemblymember Hennessey: 518-455-4901
Assemblymember McKevitt: 518-455-5341
Assemblymember Nojay: 518-455-5662
Assemblymember Quart: 518-455-4794
Assemblymember Simanowitz: 518-455-4404
Assemblymember Skoufis: 518-455-5441

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3 Responses to NY Assembly Committee to vote on GMO Labeling Bill Monday June 3rd – Call Now!

  1. Honorable Assemblymembers, I encourage you to cosponsor GMO labeling bill A3525.

  2. elizabeth fero says:

    any time you are trying to hide what you are doing,,,,its something you probably shouldn’t do. I am not fighting to stop GMO I just want to know!!!

  3. Clay Olson says:

    I request that we stop referring to foodstuffs derived from plants, whose genes have been changed by humans, as genetically-modified or genetically-engineered. The nomenclature given by businesses to making genetic changes in plants and animals, such as “genetically-modified” or “genetically-engineered” are mis-leading. Genetically-modified sounds like genetically-mollified, a gentle, no-big-deal thing. Genetically-engineered implies certainty and precision. The long-term effects of changing the genetics of food in relation to how those crops will interact with unmodified crops, and how the eating of tampered food will affect humans is unknown and un-certain. I request that we refer to these organisms as GTO’s or “Genetically-Tampered Organisms” in order to put a negative spin on the subject. We need to put a negative “spin” on this subject with our choice of words, just as the promoters of this technology have put a positive spin on this subject with their choice of words. Share with friends.

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