Local Rep Bill Nojay opposes GMO Labeling

I’m sorry to report that local Assemblyman Bill Nojay‘s office told me this morning that he will be voting NO today when his Committee on Consumer Affairs decides the fate of the fledgling bill A3525 for GMO labeling.

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5 Responses to Local Rep Bill Nojay opposes GMO Labeling

  1. l. coulston says:

    He is a Monsanto Puppet. I wrote a letter to his office asking him to change his vote.

  2. patrick leonard says:

    vote yes or we don’t vote for you

  3. frankln donzella says:


  4. Don says:

    Bill, Please do your homework. While I agree with most of what you say, you are sooo wrong on the GMO and Fracking issues. I always thought you were smarter than this. I have heard you mock the folk’s in the Finger Lakes region. Refering to them as” left wing enviormental whack job’s”. I dare you to do some honest research. I live in the Canandaigua area and have done my research. I am far from being a “left wing enviormental whack job”. But this stuff is not good for any one, unless you are suicidal!!

  5. Don says:

    Excuse the spelling errors.Was caught up in the moment.

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