Rochester Reps Need to Hear From You

We’re excited that State Senator Robach and Assemblymember Johns signed on to cosponsor S3835/A3525 for GMO Labeling, but other Rochester-area representatives in the state legislature are not so sure.  We’re glad they’re taking the time to study the bills, but they need to hear from constituents that this is important to us.

Many reps have “no position” on this bill yet, since it has never come before them for a vote, but they are accepting comments from constituents.  Anyone with no comment added below said they would call me back, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Why not call your two representatives to urge them to support this bill?  It takes under a minute and is a local call.  Let us know if you get any feedback.

State Senate (S3835) Find your rep

State Assembly (A3525) Find your rep

  • Bill Nojay – (R) 133th District,  Assemblyman Nojay is on the critical Consumer Affairs Committee that needs to pass this bill today and he is OPPOSED, will be voting no.
  • Bill Reilich – (R) 134th District
  • Mark Johns – (R) 135th District,  Assemblyman Johns is a cosponsor!
  • Joseph D. Morelle – (D) 136th District Assemblyman Morrelle is still looking into the issue.
  • David F. Gantt – (D) 137th District
  • Harry B. Bronson – (D) 138th District,   “No position”
  • Stephen Hawley – (R) 139th District
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