Senate Committee urgently needs a push

It is looking as though the Assembly Consumer Protection Committee will be passing the bill, fabulous news.

Our efforts are having effect, but don’t stop now, because the Senate bill is still stuck in their Consumer Protection committee.  We need to push this committee to schedule a vote on bill S3835 at their upcoming meeting this Wednesday — June 5th! Currently a vote is NOT on the meeting agenda. Although 3 of the committee members have already signed on as co-sponsors (Boyle, Hoylman, and Serrano—please thank them in your call/email), they ALL need to be contacted ASAP and asked to get bill S3835 onto the agenda for the June 5th meeting!

CALL/EMAIL TODAY AND TOMORROW!  It’s easy.  Find out how at – scroll down to the convenient Senate Committee list and instructions.

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One Response to Senate Committee urgently needs a push

  1. Marilyn Anderson says:

    NYS lawmakers need to investigate why European Union members do not allow GMO products. Thousands of people there march to demonstrate their opposition to GMOs. Lets get smart and not follow Monsantos lead.

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