NY GMO Labeling Hearing in NYC – Bus Available

There’s an important legislative hearing in the Bronx July 30th for consideration of GMO labeling.  Stacie Orell from GMO-Free NY.net shares the following:
Bus Trip Now Available to Take Upstate New Yorkers to the July 30th GMO Labeling Bill Hearing in the Bronx!

If you live in Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Albany, or Kingston, we have a motor coach available to take you directly to the hearing and back! Seating is limited — 55 seats available. Tickets are $60, which covers the cost of the trip for the company that has so generously arranged this for us. Pickup begins at 1:20 am Tuesday morning in Rochester and continues on to Syracuse, Utica, Albany, and Kingston, arriving at the hearing site at 8 am, where you can buy breakfast at the Lehman College cafeteria. There will be a press conference outside the hearing room at 9:15, the hearing begins at 10:00 am, and the buss will depart at 2:00 pm.

If you wanted to be at the hearing and didn’t have a means of getting there, please take advantage of this offer. It is important that New Yorkers from all across the state show up in support of GMO labeling and the right to know!

Get more info or buy tickets here:http://www.publicwinetours.com/inhouse_tour_software/index.php?page=shop/browse_tours&category_id=b09e44f240759e8c54c25c98846c1a80&product_id=50&PHPSESSID=c67ab05b17ce97dc4358c1fc7d703435


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