Time to Make Those Calls

The Organic Consumers Association, in concert with GMOFreeNY.net, has put out an email blast to urge New Yorkers to contact their representatives about GMO labeling.  Follow the link to simply send an email, or click through the Action links to find your state reps’ phone numbers (you will have two: one assemblyperson, one senator).

A phone call is more effective and so easy.  It takes less than a minute to tell the aide who answers the phone that you would like your representative to sponsor the bill (Assembly bill 3525 and Senate bill 3835, for GMO Labeling).  They are used to these calls, it’s their job to take them, they do keep track of how many people are calling to support a bill, and it definitely does matter to your representative.

We’ll be calling around soon to find out how many Monroe County Legislators are on board now (here are the results from early June).  Let us know in the comments if anyone gives you their position.

Remember, Senator Robach and Assemblymember Johns have signed on as co-sponsors, so feel free to call and thank them, let them know their strong support is important to you.

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