Your Reps Want to Hear from You!

I called all the state senate and assembly representatives for Monroe County to gather their positions or get a sense of how they feel about the GMO labeling bills working their way into both houses.  I don’t have much to report beyond June’s results, but overall the impression is that representatives are very interested to know what you think.

I didn’t call Robach or Johns, who are still listed as cosponsors, and none of the others would commit to a position; half didn’t call back after they said they would, which I assume is the same thing.  The only representative I got a fairly clear impression for was Assemblyman Morelle, whose assistant I spoke with for some time.  He didn’t commit to a position, but his concerns seemed centered squarely around business.  When he mentioned categories of interests we need to consider before making a decision, all were related to business and agriculture, and none were related to consumer rights, health, or the environment.  My guess is that he currently does not support this bill.  He’s my rep and I left word that I’m in favor of it – have you?

Representative Reilich is leaving office and no successor has been appointed.  For your information, reps who did not return my call by the end of the week when they said they would were Nozzolio, Ranzenhofer, Gantt, and Hawley.  Aides for Bronson and Morelle did call me back, and the rest gave me their answer in the initial call.

Most of the people I spoke to seemed genuinely interested in what their constituents think about this issue.  You can find who your rep is and their contact info at the above link.  You don’t have to have a discussion if you don’t want to – it can take just seconds to tell the aide you support the bills, S3835 for the senate and A3525 for the assembly.  Aides are friendly, it’s their job to take these calls, and the calls do matter.  We don’t get to vote on this issue like they did out west – calling and writing is how we make our voices heard.

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