Industry is talking to your reps. Are you?

The following alert has come through from the Organic Consumers Association.  I clicked through the GMO Fact Sheet link and copy-pasted the whole fact sheet in an email to my representatives.  But there are a lot of reps in the Rochester area.  Even if you’ve already phoned them, make sure your reps hear the other side to this story, from you.

The New York Farm Bureau, which has longstanding ties to the biotech industry, has targeted New York farmers and their legislators in an email campaign opposing GMO labeling bills A.3525 and S. 3835.

We need your help to make sure New York legislators hear the truth. Can you contact your state legislators to ask them to support A.3525 and S.3835? 

Bill A.3525 will likely come up for a committee vote by the end of this month. It is critical that your legislators hear from you as a constituent before this committee vote takes place.

We’re not surprised that the New York Farm Bureau has targeted these bills. The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, similarly allied with the biotech industry, has also been spreading misinformation and threatening to sue state governments if they pass enforceable GMO labeling laws.

The GMA is engaged in an aggressive lobbying campaign, peddling a talking points memo full of factually incorrect and misleading information, intended to persuade state lawmakers to reject the GMO labeling bills.

To rebut these lies, we’ve consulted legal experts and created our own GMO fact sheet.

We need your help to make sure each of New York’s legislators hears the truth, directly from their voting constituents. This is an election year, and we need our elected representatives to know that 9 out 10 New Yorkers want GMO labels. And, we vote!

Can you email and call your legislators today to make sure they know the truth about GMO labels? 

It is crucial that you help us correct the misinformation that legislators are hearing from groups like the New York Farm Bureau and the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

Labeling is a cheap and effective tool to provide transparency in the marketplace. If New York passes a GMO labeling law, farmers will still be able to choose to grow GMO crops. But without a GMO labeling law, consumers aren’t able to choose whether or not to eat foods that contain GMOs.

Don’t let biotech lobbyists kill GMO labeling in New York. Click here to call and email your legislators today!

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2 Responses to Industry is talking to your reps. Are you?

  1. Rachael OyerPark says:

    Hi there, I was wondering when you all are meeting next? I don’t work the same pt job and my schedule is much more free….thank you so much


    • tinako says:

      We’re skipping the March meeting because it’s so close to a movie showing, which we’ll probably sneak off to another room and talk through. I’ll have confirmation of the movie showing, hopefully tomorrow, and will begin to publicize it. Point being, anyone who wants to talk to us in March can come to that. It’ll be a Sat night unfortunately. Let me know if you would like to help publicize it.

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