The following has come through from  Hopefully everyone has signed up for updates from them, but I wanted to point out that Rochester Assemblyman David Gantt is on the Ways and Means Committee, which currently has the GMO labeling bill before it.  If he is your rep, it is especially important for you to contact him (again) to urge him to pass this bill out of committee. If you’re not sure who your assemblyperson is, find out here. – Tina@GFR


Hi, Fellow GMO Labeling Advocate!

We’ve got only 2 weeks left until the NY Legislature adjourns for the rest of the year–June 19th is the last possible day for bills to be voted on and passed into law. So it’s critical that we kick this campaign to get NY’s GMO labeling bill A.3525/S.3835 up a notch right now! We need ALL New Yorkers to take action by calling their state Assemblymember. All the information you need, including a sample call script, can be found below.

Below is the action alert I just posted on the GMO Free NY Facebook page. If you want to share the alert on your own Facebook timeline, here’s the link:

Also, if you haven’t already signed my MoveOn petition to make GMO food labeling the law in NY, please do so now and also share the link with other New Yorkers you know:

On June 3 the NY GMO Labeling bill was successfully voted out of the Assembly Codes committee 15-6! Woohoo! It is now in the Assembly Ways and Means committee and it’s up to us to make sure it comes up for a vote there, too. Read on….

Onward we march!!! New Yorkers: Please read the Action Alert below very carefully – there’s a lot of information to process but I’ve tried to make it as clear and simple as possible.

As most of you already know, those of us advocating for passage of a GMO labeling bill in NY are far outnumbered by the industry lobbyists and the companies who have hired them to kill this bill, and there are only two weeks left until the 2014 Legislative Session comes to an end so there’s a lot to accomplish in very little time.

But the good news is that grassroots power is a very potent power, and there are actually far more of us than there are of them — 19 million of us, in fact! But we need more of you to contact your legislators in the coming days. I know that many of you have already made calls and sent emails, and I thank you for it – it’s clearly having an effect! But now I’m asking you to call and email yet again. And this time I need you to tag all of your New Yorker friends in a comment below this action alert, or share it on your own timeline and tag them there. We need to wake up and “activate” more New Yorkers to join us in this battle! It’s time to release the Kraken!!! (I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to use this awesome quote from the original Clash of the Titans!)

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