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2 Responses to Subscribe

  1. Susan Gockeler says:

    Happy to be aboard. I am wondering whether anyone knows about a local organization for kids (mine is eight) about the safe, local food movement.

    • tinako says:

      I don’t personally. I was just thinking that one could be started through school or a Y/church/temple program and then grimaced; I can imagine this might be sticky for a kids’ group, since parents have such different definitions of healthy. For instance, I’m vegan.
      Our Brighton elementary school has a few small programs started by individual dedicated parents. I volunteered at Tasty Tuesdays for several years – once a month set up a table outside the cafeteria with samples (for 600 kids) of healthy food such as clementines, soymilk, edamame, and carrots/hummus. Serve in dixie cups, can’t home-prep anything beyond cutting/scooping. Organizer would often coordinate with food service who would offer more of the food in the lunchline. Small budget came from wellness committee. Another more involved program was a small vegetable garden. Kids club could be involved in planning that.
      You might be interested in the local blog Spoonfed (

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